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Windows 8 could get more programming language support


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Windows 8 already supports a number of programming languages, including many familiar ones such as C++, JavaScript/HTML5, Visual Basic, Visual C# and XAML. However, Microsoft is actively seeking to support even more programming languages for its next PC operating system.

ZDNet reports that during a session of Microsoft's Lang.Next conference this week, the company made its pitch to developers for more programming language support in Windows 8. Martyn Lovell, Microsoft's Development Manager for Windows Runtime, stated that Microsoft "...wants developers to create languages for the new (WinRT) developer platform.”

Microsoft has been posting articles on the Windows 8 app developer blog in recent weeks on how app creators can use the already supported programming languages to make "fast and fluid" Metro style apps for the OS. However, adding more programming options would almost certainly give developers new ways to create apps for Windows 8 that perhaps would work better for them than the currently available language choices.

During his conference session this week, Lovell admitted that while WinRT would "be at home" in any language, not all of them would be able to run "perfectly" under WinRT. Nevertheless, the fact that Microsoft is actively trying to support as many programming languages as they can will hopefully lead to a greater variety of features in Windows 8 apps in the future.

Source : Neowin

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