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Microsoft releases beta version of Bing Desktop


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Microsoft has released a public beta of Bing Desktop, a stand alone search bar for the Bing service that also provides users with a new wallpaper per day on the desktop.

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We have already seen how Bing handles search features for products like Windows Phone and more recently the Xbox 360. Now Microsoft has released a beta version of the newly revealed Bing Desktop (via Windows Observer). The small 1.4 MB download offers users a stand alone Bing search bar that first appears in the center of the desktop screen when installed.

The Bing Desktop help page gives more information about its features. They include having the image of the day on the Bing.com home page become your desktop wallpaper. The wallpaper changes every day when the Bing.com front page image changes.

The Bing Desktop bar can also be placed on top of the screen when you go into its Settings. Once there, the search bar can also be moved from side to side with your mouse cursor.

Aside from being able to use the Bing Desktop as an alternative to using the Bing.com site, that's pretty much it as far as features. However, this is still a beta release so it's more than possible that Microsoft has some plans to add more options in the coming weeks and months.

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