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Best Tips To Extend iPhone 4s or 4 Battery Backup More Than A Day


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This time almost everyone is not happy with the battery of iPhone 4S. So, I will be putting out some tips which will help you to take care of your battery life. Being the best smartphone OS in the world, iOS has many features which are supposed to be carefully because if they used recklessly then it might result extra battery time loss. Please read the points mentioned below to improve your iPhone battery backup time. Today we will tell you Best Tips To Extend iPhone 4s or 4 Battery Backup More Than A Day

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Follow These Tips Mentioned Below

  • Location Services: Always turn this ON when you need it, most of the users prefer to keep this ON all the times but they don’t know that this is the main feature which is draining away your battery.
As you might know that the Standby time of iPhone 4S is 200 hrs which is less as compared to its previous version of iPhone 4 which standby time of 300 hrs. There are many reasons for this backdrop in batter, one of them is the increased brightness, more level on Volume and Siri.

  • Brightness: Turn Off the Auto-control option of brightness and always put little less than 50 percent. Initially it might feel awkward to you but then you will get habituated to it. You will need the brightness at its peak level when you are standing under a source of very bright light (in general it is SUN but it can be anything), else you don’t need its brightness to be full. Believe me or not, but brightness is the major source of sucking up your battery.
  • Volume and Sounds: Most of the users prefer to turn the Sound ON for all the popups and notifications for almost all the applications on our iPhone, you will have to manage those and reduce the number of pops-up or notification you iPhone pops-up everyday. Similarly try to keep the volume of the Ringer at low level.
  • Disable Siri’s ‘Raise to Speak’ (for iPhone 4S): If this feature is turned on then, Siri will keep on monitoring the light sensor so that when you raise your iPhone it will be more sensitive to listen your command.
  • Disable Push e-mail: This service will help you to check your mails constantly after every 15 or 30 minutes but then it keeps on eating your battery at the slower rate. If you turn off this service, then you will have to refresh the mail accounts manually to get the new mails. This will reduce your promptness to reply the mails but then it will increase your battery life.
  • Turn Off Cellular data in iCloud: Under the option named Documents and data, it has the option to use the cellular data when you are not connected Wi-Fi, this also helps in draining out the battery. Turn this option off.
  • Closing the Applications permanently: All the iPhone users know that when they are supposed to close an application then they just press that single button on the iPhone and thus they come out of it. Apple says that once the user comes out of it, then they stop running even if you do not close them by double pressing that middle button on your iPhone and then closing them by tapping the delete sign over the application icons, but believe me this make a huge difference, please make an habit to close all the application when you are going to bed everyday and when you are planning to take you cellphone on a long day then make sure that after coming out of the application you close them manually as per the method mentioned above.
  • Turn Off the Vibration Mode: Try not to keep your iPhone on Vibration mode, this will help you to preserve but this depends on the amount of notifications and calls you receive per day.
  • Turn Off Equalizer in Music player: This will also help you to save you battery but then its effect depends on the number of hours you usually devote for listening Music.
  • Lastly, Try RESTORE: if any of the above mentioned setting or methods does not help you then please go ahead connect your iPhone to your system and then select Restore option in the iTunes. This will surely put an effect as all the network settings will be restored to the original settings, thus making it battery friendly.

Apart from all the precautions and tips mentioned above you can use certain application mentioned below:

Battery LifeGaurd

Battery Doctor Pro

I hope this information will surely help you to save the battery backup of your iPhone for a longer period of time.

vja: http://www.technixup...ry-tips-iphone/

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