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Keeping your Torrenting Alive and Protected

Micah J Berman

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Micah J Berman

Disclaimer: For those concerned that this will hurt their computer, ALL OF THIS IS REVERSIBLE, just follow the steps backwards (no dont really just undo what i say).

Sometimes we all have that issue that needs to be solved RIGHT NOW. Well to me this is one of them. I've not had my isp block torrents, but i have had my router block the ports. So here are some simple methods.

Method 1 - DNS Block Over-ride.

- If you have say, OpenDNS or an isp dns block just change your dns servers.

This is easily fixed and for now we will use google's version of the dns.

1. Open up Network and Sharing Center.

2. Find your local area connection, click or right click on it and find properties. Click on that too.

3. Select whatever option allows you to use your own dns server.

4. Change them to and (the google dns server). Now attempt to use whatever you want torrent-wise. If this doesn't work go to the next method..

Method 2 - Proxy Use.

If you cannot access your torrent website,

-download opera

-go to hidemyass.com

-click ipport proxies

-select your proxy of choice

-click the opera dropdown menu

-look for settings>preferances

-click advanced

-Go to network

-Click the proxy configuration

-type in the proxy of your choice, activate it, and click apply.

For Bittorrent/uTorrent Use

-Go To Options>Preferences>Connection

-For "proxy server" enable your type and fill in the information using hidemyass

-Click apply and ensure the connection is stable. If this won't work go on to the last resort.

Method 3 - Protocol Encryption.

-Go To Options>Preferences>Bittorrent

-Under Protocol Encryption select enable

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