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How to Get Free Music, Legally and Safely, Using Spotify

Micah J Berman

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Micah J Berman

You know how mix-tapes used to work right? Well nowadays we have an even better tool to record music for our mp3s. First off I want to say to any of you who think this is questionable, here is why you should use my method.

1. It’s 110% better than illegally downloading it.

2. The laws on this issue are extremely foggy. Plus there’s no way to get caught when you’re not using the Internet to download anything.

3. You can use this method as many times as you want, but you do have to buy/download/find the tool i’m going to give you.

4. It’s extremely simple if you follow my instructions.

5. You’re still supporting the artists.

Let’s say you’re a huge Anberlin fan. You want to support them, and you feel it’s your moral obligation to buy their music. Well guess what? EVERY TIME you play a song on Spotify you’re supporting the artist. Of course there’s a need for them to make you pay for the music somehow, so they made an off-line service (play music offline when you’re traveling, no ads, ect.). This is a monthly subscription, and yes you should get it if you do not wanna have to work at downloading music. However it will not sync to your mp3, and so I propose an easy little fix for this.


- Download Replay Music and Spotify, remember, this is safe and legal, so don’t be afraid to login with your facebook account to spotify. There’s no way you can get in trouble for this unless somehow you’ve broken the law in another way, shape, or form.

- When you’ve finished downloading, and are ready to record music, open up replay music FIRST. Then open spotify, and login.

- On Replay Music, open up settings, keep the settings the same except for the output. Find where it says CBR, select VBR instead so the quality stays excellent, and the file stays smaller.

- Find a song you like on spotify and press record on Replay Music, but wait, let me explain the recording function. It records the sounds from your hardware, so it’s no big deal what your volume is. Also don’t be worried, you don’t need to stop recording to select another song. Just make a playlist, let the songs run (but ensure you’ve pressed record BEFORE the songs start running), and when you’re finished just click record and it should end the sequence and tag your music.

That’s it! You no longer need to worry about piracy now that you basically use the new version of a mix-tape recording! Please refrain from posting your music on the internet, as this is the #1 copyright issue right now. Everyone from Youtube to Facebook must use caution on the internet.

Credits: Google.

Disclaimer: I am not the original creator of this method, I am merely spreading it. I did create this original article on my website and it can be viewed here, my apologies if this is considered advertising as I am new to this forum (this is my first post).

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I don't see how it's free when Replay Music costs money, and Spotify is a subscription based service. :unsure: Or have I missed a beat?

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Micah J Berman

you can get replay music 3 from a certain website that ends in "bay" if you know what i mean. i'm not saying i do for sure, but if i did that's where i'd get it/

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