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Able2Doc 6.0 Full Version Genuine License


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Able2Doc 6.0 is a PDF to Word Conversion software which performs fast and accurate conversions of PDF Documents to MS Word and Open Office Writer with columns, tables, headers, footers, graphics and layout reproduced just as they were in the original document. Now under a limited time special Giveaway, you can get genuine license key of Able2Doc 6.0 for completely free of cost.

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The Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter specifically addresses the PDF to Word conversion needs of users that need to retain either the look and feel of the PDF document in Word or need to pull the raw text into a Word document for use in other files.

Features of Able2Doc

1. Convert PDF to Word and preserve the original layout of your PDF in an editable Word document.

2. PDF to Word conversion that has the abilityy to handle scanned PDF's (available in Able2Doc Professional).

3. 3 different PDF to Word conversion options are available. The conversion options vary in complexity. Conversion options preserve the originality of the converted PDF to Word by identifying paragraphs, text labels, graphics, tables, and flow of columns etc. and then replicating it within Microsoft Word. Simple conversion - converts text from the PDF to Word document without the graphics.

4. PDF to Word variety – convert PDF to Rich Text Format (RTF) or to Word, it is up to you! The PDF to RTF feature allows users to convert large documents faster than the PDF to Word option.

5. PDF to Word Efficiency and Selectivity. Pinpoint selection ability. Since you can see what you select, there is no need to transfer whole documents or even whole pages at a time. Take one line of text if you want!

6. The PDF to Word conversion is processed at a very high speed.

7. The PDF to Word conversion size options – Convert the whole document, a range of pages, one page or a portion of a page – it is your choice!

8. Convert PDF to Word and the output supports most Windows and Office platforms - 98/ME/NT/2000/XP In addition, proprietary PDF viewer is included the Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter so you can see what you are converting from PDF to Word!

Able2Doc 6.0 Full Version Genuine License Giveaway

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To get the genuine license key of Able2Doc 6.0, first go to this Facebook Page

LiNK and hit the like button and then Note down your code. Now go to this Giveaway Page LiNK

and enter your “Facebook Code” and Click on the “Download Now” button.

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