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Free SMS to India Android App – FreeSMS is Awesome


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In a nutshellfreesms india android app best download Free SMS to India Android App FreeSMS is Awesome

▶ Free SMS to India android App – FreeSMS is Awesome.

▶ Free SMS is an Android app that allows you to send unlimited free SMS on your Android phone with a GPRS connection in it.

▶ Delivery within seconds along with delivery reports.


SMSs are the core of any mobile communications. They always take the center stage.

There are many scenarios in our every day life where we prefer to send a SMS over making a call.

SMSs are that important.

SMS is not free in India. Atleast not till you have those costly packs activated on your number. And you need to do this every month.

Why? Why do you want to spend money on things which you can get for free?

Yes, I said free. If you just have an Android Phone, then you can send unlimited SMS all over India.

Well if you don’t have one, you can still send too. You can use the SMS gateways which I will be discussing later in this article and directly use them to send SMS.

FreeSMS – Free SMS to India supports many SMS gateways like :






source: http://technojourney.com/gadgets/free-sms-india-android-app-freesms/

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