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Time Bomb Alarm Clock


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Time Bomb Alarm Clock is sure to drag you out of bed

One thing that we are never short of as far as gadgets go are novelty alarm clocks. Having just a normal alarm clock is clearly not an option with some. This Bomb Alarm Clock even comes complete with a fake fuse to give it a more realistic look. Then just in case it was unclear it’s a time bomb, it says on the front in bold letters TIME BOMB. As if we were going to somehow miss that part.

The alarm sits as you see in the picture, then when it’s time to wake up it flashes red. If you want a few more minutes of rest in that warm bed, just pull on the fuse to activate the snooze button. Being an LED clock it projects the time brightly all night long. So when tossing and turning in the night you can quickly glance over to see how precious few hours you have left. The clock uses three AAA batteries and will cost you about $40 or £19.99 from DrinkStuff.



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