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PC Headsets Question


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So i've been using headsets for the past 7 years or so, and haven't been able to have 1 last more then a year. Wiring seems to be the issue every single time. I use the computer after i get home from work, unless i have plans that day, i use the computer all day, talking to friends, gaming, watching streams, etc.

I've run into this problem quite often where i've had to replace my headset because the right headphone, microphone, no longer work. It's not always 1 of these problems, but it usually is 1 of those 2. It's not that i don't treat my headsets with care, i believe its just the fact that i use them too much and they eventually just degrade. As i said above, i use my computer as well as my headsets for atleast 12 hours a day or so. So the question here is, what suggestions to people have on headsets. I've gone through 20-100 dollars on each pair of headsets, and they haven't lasted a year, think the longest pair i had was 10 months before the wiring degraded to the point of no longer being fixed.

Perferrably im looking for a cheap headset (cheap being below 60 dollars, but can pay more if needed) I've been trying to find a hybrid wireless headset.and by hybrid i mean one that has a wire that charges the headset, otherwise it can be used while its charging, and can be taken off the charger to be used. But haven't had any luck, not sure if these even exist. But if you guys can recommend a good headset that you've been using for awhile, im all ears xD.

Sound quality: i listen to alot of music so this should be quite good

Mic quality: As long as people can listen to me clearly, or don't have a issue with quality, doesn't matter to me.

Some headsets i've owned in the past:



Thank you for any type of advice you give in advance. :)

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Well, there is no such thing as a long lasting headset sadly. For whatever reason, they all die before they should. I will say that Turtle Beach is designed for gaming specifically. In my opinion, stick with the Turtle Beach. This is the one I have: http://www.turtlebea...-force-x12.aspx I think Wal-Mart sells these ones.

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Stay away from the wireless headphones. They are only going to give you trouble in terms of sound quality and battery life. It will become a bigger problem than with wiring.

Why don't you try to find some headphones with some kind of warranty :)?

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