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Hotmail and Live Services disrupted in the UK


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Some users are reporting that they can't reach both Live.com and Hotmail, and for the moment it appears to be affecting at least some parts of the UK.

Some users are reporting that Live.com and Hotmail have been disrupted at least in some parts of the UK.

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Down for everyone or just me website appears to confirm the outage.

A quick check from The Netherlands showed that downforeveryoneorjustme agreed, but I was still able to reach http://live.com by clicking on the link.

Let us know in the comments if you are experiencing issues connecting to either service and where you're located.

One member commented that the service has been out since at least 7am this morning and briefly appeared at around 8am for a short time, while another reported other issues such as javascript errors appearing on the site yesterday.

It doesn't appear to affect everyone in the UK, and for others it has affected all Microsoft Live services or is intermittent.

We have reached out to Microsoft for comment.

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