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15 Ways to Keep Your Windows 7 Computer Secure


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Basically, if you have UAC settings enabled and antivirus software installed on your computer, your Windows 7 should be perfectly secure. However, user error could be the weakest link in all computer security. These are 15 ways to avoid the user errors that could keep your Windows 7 computer secure:

1. Make sure your antivirus software and definition are up to date. You can turn on auto update features or use antivirus with cloud scanning technology to ensure your antivirus always up to date. You can get Avast Internet Security 7 without spending a dime

2. Make sure you have a good third party firewall software, or at least your Windows 7 built in firewall is up to date.

3. Make sure your computer is protected with Anti-spyware software. In fact, most antivirus software are packaged with firewall and anti-spyware Keep it up to date.

4. Make sure your Windows 7 is up to date. There are a lot of patches released by Microsoft, install every patch and update. Turn on your Windows 7 auto update is a smart choice.

5. Make sure your software are up to date. Besides updated with new features, software developer mostly updated the software security. Keep your software up to date is helpful to increase your PC security.

6. Always scan and check every email attachment before opening them. There are a lot of viruses spread using attachment. Protect your computer by checking every email attachment you get.

7. Make sure your browser are up to date. No matter what browser you used, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc., keep them up to date to avoid bugs and security attack.

8. Filter your email with spam and phishing filtering software. Most of antivirus and email services built in with this features.

9. Check every link before you visit it. There are a lot of phishing attack spread through websites, YouTube, Email, etc. Make sure you're checking them before you click on them.

10. Look for the browser padlock or the GreenBar when shopping or make a transaction online.

11. Make sure you only give your private details to trusted sites or services.

12. Make sure you backup your data and system regularly. There are a lot of third-party backup software you could use such as Easeus Todo Backup Pro, Ocster Backup Pro, Handy Backup, Paragon System Backup, Backup4all Pro. However, you can also use Windows internal backup and restore tool.

13. Keep the Driver CDs and manuals of your PC. These drivers and manuals are useful when you reinstall your computer. However, I recommend you to backup your windows after installation. So, you don't need to reinstall everything when something bad happens on your computer system.

14. Make sure your Windows always maintained. Uninstall any software you don't need. Keep the registry clean and remove unnecessary files. There are several software you could use such as Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 Pro, SpeedupMyPC, Wintools.Net Ultimate, etc.

15. Shred and Wipe your data before you sell your hard disk or computer. Previously, Chris has announced EaseUS Partition Master 9.0 Professional giveaway. You can use this software to wipe your data securely before you throw your PC.


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