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Next-Gen NVIDIA 'Kepler' Graphics Card Sighted


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Epic Games Shows Samaritan Demo Using Next-Gen ‘Kepler’ GPU

Game Developers Conference 2012 attendees were first in the world to bear witness to the power of our next-generation ‘Kepler’ graphics card at an invite-only Unreal Engine 3 Samaritan demonstration. When previously shown, the same demo required the use of three GeForce GTX 580 graphics cards.

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Mass Effect 3 Tweak Guide

Give Commander Shepard the best possible send off by optimizing and enhancing Mass Effect 3. Using our tweak guide, you can dramatically improve anti-aliasing, increase the resolution of shadows, maximize frame rates, and make many other tweaks.

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NVIDIA Begins Regular Windows 8 Driver Updates

Our first Windows 8 driver, 296.17, includes all our recent game-changing enhancements, in addition to new SLI profiles for the latest games. Also available is 296.10 WHQL for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. New 3D Vision and SLI profiles are included, as is a new version of our PhysX System Software.


The Secret World: DirectX-11 Powered MMO Approaches

GeForce.com spoke to Rui Casais, Funcom’s Chief Technology Officer, to learn more about The Secret World, a massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. Featuring DirectX 11 effects, tessellation, 3D Vision support, Surround support, and more, The Secret World is the most technologically advanced MMO to date.

Watch the interview

Planetside 2 Executive Producer Video Interview

Discover more about Sony Online Entertainment’s long awaited Planetside sequel in an exclusive video interview that delves into technology, 3D Vision support, PhysX usage, faction balancing, free-to-play monetization, and why in general you should be excited about a first-person online shooter with massive scope and scale.

Watch the interview

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Community Meet-Up Contest

An unmissable, exclusive, invite-only community event is to be held in San Francisco on March 28th. For a chance to attend, tell us why you love GeForce GTX graphics card, GeForce GTX technology, and GeForce GTX game enhancements.

Enter the contest

Blacklight: Retribution Launching With DirectX 11 & Tessellation

The free-to-play first-person online shooter has entered open beta. Find out why you should sign up for duty in our exclusive Game Developers Conference 2012 video interview.

Watch the interview

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