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Not a quite productive answer, you think?

Found this:

Crack NOD32 & Smart 3.xx Working 100% !!!

This is crack working 100% in All Software ESET, Thats OK.

I found something else which said it made the trial last till 2050, so I guess this either doesn't work anymore or it's the same as everything we've already seen.

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Yeah, saw that at the same place you did...

I could not unpack it to check it out so I am suspicious. But then again you have a good point, prolly not good anymore.

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I used this fix, but I just don't remember the name any more.

It was unusable after a update from ESET. There also was a version 2 but I think ESET made something for that too.

It was a good fix but Box and Marsipulami are very decent cracks too. Why don't you use them?

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Why not just use Box of Marsipulami fix, gest?

Just being lazy 'cause I know the answer is here somewhere but...

Which one is most like the original nsane fix? What is the difference between the two?

Thanks for the update as I have not had a lot of time in the last few months to catch up on the conversations.

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