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Adguard: free key 1 year license


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With Adguard block ads and pop-ups.
  • Adguard, removes annoying ads and page loading time is reduced.
  • Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari works with all major browsers.
  • Video ads, rich media and other types of non-standard ads. Prevents tracing by the advertising networks, and counters.

Adguard: free key

Recommend the program to four friends and get an Adguard key absolutely for free! To get a free key, do the following:

1.Enter your email address

2.Send your affiliate link

Below are your personal affiliate links. As soon as four people click them and install Adguard on their computers, you will receive a free license key to your email address.

Program site: http://adguard.com/?c=630254
Program installation file: http://download.adguard.com/c/630254/adguardInstaller.exe

Promotion terms

The expiry period of licenses obtained through this promotion is one year.
License type is Standard. Only one license key is sent to each email address.
A key is provided only if the program is installed and launched as the result of your recommendation to four other users.
Links to the program can be published in blogs and social networks, distributed via instant messengers or other legal channels.

Promo here:

Site: http://adguard.com

Sharecode: /en/coupons.html
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Can anyone compare this with Ad Muncher? I would be very curious to know from someone who has used both. Thanks.


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To get the key to the action, instead of the " four friends " may be used VirtualBox.

1.Get the download link.

2.Download and install Adguard on VirtualBoх.

3.Make and delete the snapshot (rollback to " clean system ").

4.Again, download and install Adguard ( but on a " clean system ").

5.Again , create and delete the snapshot.

6.Repeat four times.

7.Check your mail.

Sorry for my bad English.

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yeah , the virtual way is also something i was thiking of , is tame way like other software in here (forgor her name) that remove malware

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How does this compare to admuncher?

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