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3rd Party Firmware For TP-Link ADSL2+ Modem Router


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I've had enough of people on my network eating up all my bandwidth by downloading from torrent websites. I've tried to configure OpenDNS on my router, but it didn't work since my ISP is running some kind of proxy on my connection rending OpenDNS' configurations useless. I raised the issue with my ISP, but they were unavailable for any comment on the issue. My router's QoS is currently useless and has no impact. I've also tried blocking all ports except 80, but that gave me serious issues, so I had to change it back. I've also disabled UPnP, since I read somewhere as it helps lowering utorrent speed, but I couldn't confirm it. As my last resort, I wanted to know if there's any router firmware which is compatible with my router (details below), and has the ability to block or at least limit torrent traffic.

Router Specifications:

Firmware Version: 1.2.9 build 110106 Rel.59540n

Hardware Version: W8950ND v1 00000000

Name: 150M Wireless Lite N ADSL2+ Modem Router

Model No: TD-W8950ND


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