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Lenovo recalls 160,000 PCs due to fire risk


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Following two separate incidents, Lenovo is voluntarily recalling 160,000 PCs manufactured between May 2010 and January 2012, due to a defective power supply component presenting a risk of fire.

Lenovo has issued a recall notice for over 160,000 of its PCs, due to a defective component that poses a fire hazard. According to a report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, two examples have so far been reported – one described as a ‘fire incident’, the other a ‘smoke incident’ – but thankfully, neither one resulted in any injuries.

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The recall applies specifically to certain ThinkCentre M70z and M90z all-in-one PCs, namely those whose manufacturing date code falls within the following ranges: 1001 to 1012; 1101 to 1112; 001 to 012; and 101 to 112. The manufacturing date code can be found on a label on the device underside. The affected systems were sold in the United States between May 2010 and January 2012.

The US CPSC report describes the fault as “a defect in an internal component in the power supply [which] can overheat and pose a fire hazard”. It recommends that “consumers should immediately stop using the computers, unplug the power supply and contact the firm to determine if your computer is included in the recall and to schedule an appointment for a free replacement of the power supply”.

Curiously, while the US Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that around 50,500 systems were affected, Lenovo itself says that it is recalling 160,000 systems.

Concerned users can contact Lenovo toll-free on (855) 248 2194 or visit www.lenovo.com/aiopsurecall.

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