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Android ups app size limit to 4GB


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Android's APK installers, historically limited to 50MB, have had their cap raised in an attempt to make larger apps more viable and readily available.

Apps for phones are often better if they are smaller. It becomes a competition to see who can refine their code to the point where it will work perfectly without becoming a burden on available storage space. This has been the mantra Google themselves held closely, with APK files having been limited to 50MB to help ensure a variety of apps could be installed on phones. Now, Google have decided to change things a little, by increasing the size for developers.

Actual APK sizes are still sticking to 50MB, as the official blog reports, but support is now available all the way to 4GB in size. While it might sound like overkill, Android handsets are constantly in a race to outspec each other, so it may help appeal to game developers to see about bringing their catalogue to devices in the future. Apps now can download up to two expansion files, which can be 2GB each. The increased size is forty times the size of the 50MB limit, so goes a considerable distance.

Expansion files can be created in a variety of different file types, including ZIP. This is intended to make using expansion files more easy for developers who may not be sure of how they work. In addition, the Android SDK Manager also includes samples, and the Android Market will host these expansion files for developers. Expansion files may not be used by many developers, but the functionality is good to have for the developers who may find uses.

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