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NL PWNS Italian Ass


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Yeah, The Netherlands won 3-0 from Italy, the "world-champions" -.-


haha useless topic I know, but have to share it LOL

And my friends and I thought it would end 2-1 for Italy, but know. It's just a far april fools day, 90 min. recorded, Sounds reasonable tho XD

give your oppinion of you want =)

grt .

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Hehe, no one expected this! I thought it was going to end 1 - 1, at best. But 2 - 0 and an early chance on 3 - 0! LOL!

The first goal, at first we all thought it was off-side, but there was one guy lying next to the goal, not between the lines, but earlier he did participate in the game. Even v. Nistelrooy(the man who scored) was looking at the referee, but no whistle, the goal was a fact!

They deserved to win :rolleyes:

Here's a shot YouTube vid of the the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qbYxe7hiRA

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