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Halo 4 gets first gameplay footage in new documentary


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Microsoft has released the first gameplay footage of Halo 4 in a new video that gives more information about the next game in the best selling Xbox 360 sci-fi shooter series.

You may have seen the leaked screenshots of Halo 4 but now you can see the sci-fi FPS game up and running in a new video documentary released by Microsoft today. The game will almost certainly be Microsoft's biggest first party Xbox 360 game of 2012 when it is released late this year.

As the video itself points out, Halo 4 will be the first game in the series to be made by Microsoft's 343 Industries, taking over from where Halo's creator Bungie left off. The gameplay footage in the video definitely shows off the improved visuals of Halo 4 in terms of better character models, lighting and more. We also get a glimpse of the new Spartan IV armor.

The documentary is mostly about team members from 343 Industries giving out small hints of information about Halo 4. The single player campaign is supposed to give us more insight into the series' main character Master Chief while also having him face the biggest threat he has ever had to deal with.

Fans of the franchise will be happy to know the Battle Rifle has returned to Halo 4. The video shows two of the game's multiplayer levels, Wraparound and Warhouse. There's also word that the multiplayer portion of the game will have more and better ties to the single player campaign. There's even supposed to be a story-based reason why red Spartans would do battle with blue Spartans. There's no word yet if Microsoft will offer a beta test of Halo 4's multiplayer modes.

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