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Report: Android now most popular mobile web browser


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A new report claims that the Android web browser has now become the most popular worldwide for mobile users, finally beating out the Opera web browser and still ahead of the iPhone.


A few days ago we reported on the latest web browser stats for the PC. However, browsing on the web via a mobile device is certainly becoming more and more popular. Now a new report from StatCounter claims that Google's Android web browser has now become the world's most popular in the mobile space.

The charts show that for February 2012, Android was used used by 22.67 percent of worldwide mobile web users, just ahead of the previous leader Opera at 21.7 percent. Android has been steadily gaining in the mobile web browsing market share space for the past year. In February 2011 it was only at 14.7 percent.

The charts also show Apple's iPhone in the number three position at 21.06 percent. StatCounter separates the iPhone from the iPod Touch, which basically uses the same Safari browser. In February 2012 the charts show the iPod Touch with a 4.3 percent market share, so a case could be made that the Safari web browsing experience is now ahead of Android and Opera.

Nokia's web browser is a distant fourth at just 11.24 percent in this report while Blackberry is an even more distant fifth at 6.53 percent. Blackberry's market share has taken the biggest drop in the past year. In February 2011 it was at 14.53 percent.

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