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Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Beta 5


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<img src="http://www.nsanedown.com/images/logos/Firefox-orig.png" class="logo" alt="Firefox" title="Firefox">Firefox is the award winning next generation browser from Mozilla. Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely, and more efficiently than with any other browser. Make the switch today - Firefox imports your Favorites, settings and other information, so you have nothing to lose. Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox's built in popup blocker. View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they're ready for viewing when you're ready to read them. Built with your security in mind, Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. A comprehensive set of privacy tools keep your online activity your business.

Thanks to <span style="color: red;">thylacine</span> for the update.

<a href="http://www.nsanedown.com/?request=230571" target="_blank">Download</a>

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Please remove the note "(not yet updated)" from the Beta changelog link, it's already updated. ;)

Thanks for the fast update. ;)

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thanks for the update

i am having problems with copy paste function in firefox stable release

lets see if this beta can work correctly with copy paste

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