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The best video editor software?


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Hiya guys!

I have searched and searched a good video editing software, I only want to cut some videos and then save it, or maybe replace original video file, things what I need:

-> lightweight

-> free software

-> portable if possible

-> easy to use

-> easy to cut and save videos

-> supports all video files

Please help me.

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what you requsted is something almost impossible to get in small and free packagee;)

but you can try Avidemux, it's free, can do most of the things you mentioned...

cut, apply filters, change video properties, trancode, encode...all in small and free application.


sorry for poor english


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you can't go past DVD Shrink, awesome program, great for editing all chapters, use it a lot with music dvd's, edit out talking etc to save space. Not sure if it works with 7,

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