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Google Sites for everyone: GeoCities 2.0?


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Google announced on its official blog late Wednesday that Google Sites, its simplified Web site creation service, is now available to any registered Google user.

Previously, only businesses with Google Apps accounts and their own domains had had access to Google Sites.

Unlike the free Web site creation services of yesteryear (and by yesteryear, I mean 1998), Google Sites are collaborative, which engineering manager Andrew Zaeske said in the announcement makes them ideal for "team projects, company intranets, community groups, classrooms, clubs, family updates, you name it."

No HTML knowledge is required, and sites are hosted for free at Google domains like sites.google.com/organicwheatgrassmoothieclub.

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Seems like every single sample website they showed had a nearly identical layout. But hey, this is for the average user who doesn't know much about making websites to help them build something fast and easy that looks decent. Wonder if it actually allows for more modification in the free edition. I didn't check more than the demo and the main features, but hopefully you'd be able to just design it on your own in addition to the templates they give.

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