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Windows 8 to add PDF support for Reader app?


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A new Internet info leak claims that Windows 8 will include support for reading PDF-based documents via the operating system's Reader app, although this has not been confirmed by Microsoft.


Would you like to be able to read PDF documents in Windows 8 without having to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader application? According to a new post on the PCBeta.com web site, that will be no problem with Microsoft's next operating system. The post, which also has a new Wndows 8 Start screen image (show above) claims that the Reader app (which can be seen in the Entertainment section of the Start screen) is capable of using PDF files.

Most people check out PDF files via Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, most often as a web-based plug-in application. However, Microsoft has stated that it want to get rid of plug-in app support for future versions of Internet Explorer. It announced several months ago that Internet Explorer 10 would not support plug-ins for the Metro version of the web browser.

More recently. Microsoft revealed in its massive Windows 8 ARM blog post that all ARM versions of Windows 8 would not have plug-in support at all. However, if Microsoft has indeed put in PDF support for Windows 8's Reader app there shouldn't be too many issues with reading the many PDF documents, including press releases and other information, that are released via the Internet.

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