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Iran reportedly blocking encrypted Internet traffic


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The Iranian government is reportedly blocking access to websites that use the HTTPS security protocol, and preventing the use of software residents use to bypass the state-run firewall.

From post on Hacker News today, apparently written by an Iranian resident:

Since Thursday Iranian government has shutted [sic] down the https protocol which has caused almost all google services (gmail, and google.com itself) to become inaccessible. Almost all websites that reply on Google APIs (like wolfram alpha) won't work. Accessing to any website that replies on https (just imaging how many websites use this protocol, from Arch Wiki to bank websites). Also accessing many proxies is also impossible.

Several Hacker News users confirmed the original post's statement that Iran is blocking encrypted Internet traffic. "I live in Iran. The fact about the shut down is correct," one person wrote. Another said "They drop all encrypted connections. This means no https, no IMAP over TLS and no SSH connections. (Im in Iran)."

People are debating whether the shutdown is related to the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, which is being celebrated by the government but has spurred protests in years past. This may not be the case, as one person writes "SSH has been disabled for a few months."

According to the Washington Post, Internet users are increasingly seeing the error message "According to computer crime regulations, access to this Web site is denied." The Post's bureau chief in Tehran, Thomas Erdbrink, says that software Iranians use to bypass Iran's firewall recently stopped working. "Many fear that the disabling of the software used to bypass the state-run firewall heralds the coming of what authorities have labeled the National Internet," Erdbrink wrote.

It's not clear how widespread the blockages are. Reports from some Twitter users earlier this week indicate that all non-Iranian websites had been censored. However, checking out the "Blocked In Iran" tool today shows no blockages of Google sites. Assuming the reports are true, it wouldn't be the first time websites have been blocked in Iran—Ars itself was blocked in October 2010 following coverage of the Stuxnet malware that targeted Iran.

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Yep, nothing works here, all HTTPS, SSH, ... are down; VPNs, SOCKS, HTTP and other proxies work like shit. :angry:

Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Messenger and many other websites are down. :angry:

And it is all because of the 33th anniversary of 1979 revolution, just to prevent any protest or sending news and stuff like that. <_<

All things will go fine after this week ends. ^_^

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That's very bad,i don't know how can i download a file that was attached in my last email.I need that for my thesis till monday :(

I'm so unlucky.I,m downloading that file with idm and 88.89% of that was downloaded,unfortunately in that time gmail banned and i can't access that file :(

Only i want to cry,i'm very angry :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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sad for iranian people

your regime even afraid of their Revolution Anniversary !!!

they did it here in syria i bet it was with the help of the iranian government

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I wish Syria people can take down their cruel Gov and we people here in Iran also can see sunset of our fu*king Gov. some day(SURE WE WILL)

SO MANY of us_Persian people_are against this Gov.

Please DO NOT see all Persian people in one shape;

I don't know you get my meaning or not...

we do not support this Gov.

It decides and does whatever it desires and registers it as "Iranian people want it"


we want freedom as any other man searches for it

No dictator

Absolute democracy not "Islamic Repulic" !!!

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As I told before, everything is fine now, since today morning they have unlocked everything they blocked in the past days and Yahoo!, Google, etc. are all accessible. ;)

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  • Administrator

I've got new news articles on this subject. But they haven't been posted as when compared to your personal feedback, all of them are already dated. So yes, thanks for reporting from me too. :)

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