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Windows 8 (Beta) Consumer Preview launches Feb. 29


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The Windows 8 Consumer Preview version will officially launch to the public on February 29 as part of Microsoft's activities at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Windows 8 now has a specific launch date for the Consumer Preview version of Microsoft's next PC operating system. Today, Business Insider reports that media invites have been sent out revealing that that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, also known as the Windows 8 beta version, will be launched on Wednesday, February 29. The company is launching the beta version as part of its activities for the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, which is being held from February 27 to March 1.

The actual launch will be part of a press event for the Mobile World Congress which will be held from 3-5 pm on February 29. It's likely that Microsoft will be making some additional announcements at the event that will related to its Windows Phone business.

Microsoft previously promised that it would indeed launch the beta version of Windows 8 before the end of the month. Today's announcement means that Microsoft will make good on that launch time period but with just a few hours to spare.

The company will likely offer a Release Candidate version of Windows 8 to the public later in the year before the final, shipping, version of the OS is launched before (hopefully) the end of 2012.

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Excited about it. :)

Readies his VM. :guns:

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At least its official now. Feb. 29th! I wonder will they release it to Technet, MSDN, & Connect subscribers sooner?

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Companies who do not use I guess, why would they? Look how long XP has been in use. And Windows 7 is still a best version. What is still on XP Windows7 will rapidly choose and then you years ahead. That is the trend in business has become the changeover as long as possible. Because many companies have done recently Windows8 would anyway not have been able to count on a lot of switching. Windows8 It is really a tablet version of Windows that companies more post-than benefits. And then the Balmer calls itself a big gamble. Companies do not gamble, just before the changeover costs too much money.

The transition is so great that companies will not even seriously consider. I think they left WIndows9 will wait. Chances are that MS is just looking to reconnect with Windows7. Especially when the adventure in the tablet market to fail, they will focus more on the business segment and then I see no major roles played by the underground interface. I do not know how you could expect something else, soon everyone says: you could see it coming.

I tried the subway interface, innovative sure, but no value is innovative in itself. I really do not see what advantages it offers that I am back on again should learn a lot.

On the other hand, I think MS believes that they can afford to do that Windows8 a flop is because as I said do not sell for a major new Windows version can expect given the recent success of Windows7. Windows8 can be seen as a trial balloon that if he fails, no need to have a great following. With windows9 everything is just put back into the old channel.

Windows8 I see as a final attempt by MS to be relevant in the consumer market, it fails then they concentrate on the business market and we will see tiles quickly leave. Without the emergence tablet I had expected that MS would roll out its broad ribbon menu in Windows. Finally, they had always been quite lyrical about. Maybe that Windows9, though there will be a button to the Metro-interface menu.

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