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Thunderbird RSS Bug


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Anyone happen to know of a fix to stop Thunderbird from duplicating RSS feeds?

It never used to do this and it's suddenly become a huge problem as it won't stop downloading duplicates of RSS feeds I've already read. Some even go back a few months. See screenshot:


Right now, I have 2 main feeds I subscribe to... one of them being FileHippo with which the screenshot came from. A few people have made comments on other forums about this happening if the template is altered, but this wouldn't happen to every single feed I'm getting, including other sites feeds too. Right now I'm looking at around 400 "Unread" feeds in my FileHippo folder, and another 200 in another group. Any ideas?

Oh and I have tried a couple of extensions which supposedly help but neither have. These are RSS Item Unique Identifier, Remove Duplicate Messages 0.1.02 & Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate) 0.3 - File Names may not be the EXACT same, but you'll know if you see them. I've just tidied them up a little.

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