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Windows 8: New Charms bar and Metro wallpaper pattern revealed in leaked shots


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Another day, another leak of screenshots from Windows 8 build 8220. While the classic desktop is still more of the same, there is a new tasty UI tidbit - and it's not the Start orb.

At the beginning of this past weekend, we were treated to a weird surprise currently in confidential Windows 8 builds - the lack of an onscreen Start orb. This morning we have more shots coming from build 8220. The Start orb is still missing, but besides that, there is a new interesting addition compared to the Developer Preview.


The black Charms bar seems to have fallen out of favour, replaced with this rather elegant appearance of floating on-screen white icons. We can assume this screenshot was taken on a device lacking touch or stylus input, given the Show Desktop button's narrow width, as opposed to a thicker appearance on touch-capable devices. This could possibly signify that the existing Charms bar for keyboard and mice-only computers, as seen below, is no more:


The other shots, leaked via the Chinese forum PCBeta, contains one example of an alternate pattern to the Metro Start screen:


Additional screenshots are available below. Other smaller revelations include a locked-down Windows Store, a new UI for selecting language settings, and confirmation of per-folder grouping in the All Programs view. There is also an option in Internet Explorer 10's about window to enable automatic updates of the browser.







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I for one would surely be moving to Windows 8 after one month or so after RTM, unless someone known gives a total thumbsdown.

It's just enhanced Windows 7, how bad can it be? :P

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Exactly... its like win7 on steroids. I personally am going to use the Server8 version.

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I'm not totally convinced that these are legitimate Windows 8 screen shots... If you guys remember when they Was leaking Windows 7 screen shots, I had pointed out that the date on the screen was a bogus date?

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Hmm so some say it'll suck,i personally couldn't give a rats arse as it'll be "free" so if it sucks like some say then back to Win 7 it is.

Although how something can suck whilst it's still in beta and not on general release is quite amusing,oh and vista was fine if you had decent enough hardware but sadly some morons whined because there 512k of ram couldn't run it.

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