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LastPass now manages Wi-Fi passwords


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An update to the password managing utility LastPass at the end of last week added a useful new feature, and tightened security protocols just a bit more than before.


LastPass can now help you manage and safe-guard your Wi-Fi passwords.

The new feature lets you manage your Wi-Fi passwords from within LastPass. Unfortunately for existing users, you're going to have to re-install the LastPass dekstop client to get it to work. LastPass explained that this is because the new feature required a new utility with administrative rights before it could access the Wi-Fi password list. It also requires running the binary version of the LastPass browser add-on. Download here Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, or download here for Opera and Safari.

Once updated, you can import Wi-Fi passwords to LastPass as a secure note via the Import option under Tools. On Windows, you can also export your saved Wi-Fi passwords in all browsers except Safari under Tools, then Export.

Also, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) has arrived in the final LastPass add-on that hadn't yet supported it, Internet Explorer. HSTS is an important protocol that forces the browser to not even attempt an insecure connection if a secure one is available, or to fail the connection outright if it detects a threat. It's been an effective tool for blocking man-in-the-middle attacks over Wi-Fi. Given IE's market share, this ought to help make quite a few people a bit more secure.

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