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MegaUpload User Data Soon to be Destroyed


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MegaUpload has received a letter from the US Attorney informing the company that data uploaded by its users may be destroyed before the end of the week. The looming wipe-out is the result of MegaUpload’s lack of funds to pay for the servers. Behind the scenes, MegaUpload is hoping to convince the US Government that it’s in the best interest of everyone involved to allow users to access their data, at least temporarily.

In the wake of the MegaUpload shutdown many of the site’s users have complained about the personal files that were lost as collateral damage.

From work-related data to personal photos, the raid disabled access to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of files that are clearly not infringing. A recent announcement by the US Attorney now suggests that these files may soon be lost forever.

“We received a letter very late Friday from the US Attorney that declared there could be an imminent destruction of Megaupload consumer data files on this coming Thursday,” MegaUpload lawyer Ira Rothken told TorrentFreak.

Rothken explains that MegaUpload is determined to protect the interests of its users, but that its hands are tied without help from the authorities. The looming data loss is linked to unpaid bills at Cogent Communications and Carpathia Hosting where MegaUpload leased some of its servers.

“We of course would like to think the United States and Megaupload would both be united in trying to avoid such a consumer protection calamity whereby innocent consumers could permanently lose access to everything from word processing files to family photos and many other things that could never practically be considered infringing,” the lawyer told TorrentFreak.

“Megaupload’s assets were frozen by the United States. Mega needs funds unfrozen to pay for bandwidth, hosting, and systems administration in order to allow consumers to get access to their data stored in the Mega cloud and to back up the same for safekeeping.”

MegaUpload has contacted the US Attorney’s office with a request to unfreeze assets including money and domains so users can get access to their personal data. If this doesn’t happen, the consequences for many MegaUpload users and the future of other cloud hosting services will be disastrous.

“If the United States fails at helping protect and restore Megaupload consumer data in an expedient fashion, it will have a chilling effect on cloud computing in the United States and worldwide. It is one thing to bring a claim for copyright infringement it is another thing to take down an entire cloud storage service in Megaupload that has substantial non infringing uses as a matter of law,” Rothken told us.

Meanwhile, MegaUpload users are also taking action themselves. Last week Pirate parties worldwide began making a list of all the people affected by the raids, and they are planning to file a complaint against authorities in the US. The EFF has also taken an interest in the issue, and is sharing data with the international Pirate parties.

For now, however, the more urgent matter is to ensure that the data doesn’t get destroyed.

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Feds give OK to deleting Megaupload user files starting Thursday

The US Attorney's Office leading the prosecution of Megaupload founder Kim Dotocm and his associates has told the court that the companies hosting Megaupload data might begin deleting data on February 2, according to an AP report.

"The execution of those search warrants [on the servers] has now been completed," said the government letter. "The United States copied selected Mega Servers and copied selected data from some of the other Mega Servers, but did not remove any of the Mega Servers from the premises.

"Now that the United States has completed execution of its search warrants, the United States has no continuing right to access the Mega Servers. The Mega Servers are not in the actual or constructive custody or control of the United States, but remain at the premises controlled by, and currently under the control of, Carpathia and Cogent. Should the defendants wish to obtain independent access to the Mega Servers, or coordinate third-party access to data housed on Mega Servers, that issue must be resolved directly with Cogent or Carpathia. It is our understanding that the hosting companies may begin deleting the contents of the servers beginning as early as February 2, 2012."

Since Megaupload's assets are frozen, company attorney Ira Rothken told AP reporter Joshua Freed that Megaupload was unable to continue to pay its hosting providers, but that he had been working with prosecutors to keep the data—belonging to at least 50 million Megaupload users—from being erased.

Carpathian and Cogent representatives have not commented on the letter.

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Oh boy, we should sue the USA for this destruction crime... :fist: :fist:

Many users do not have any local backup of their data. I haven't lost files, but i swear that here on nsane many users lost data.

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please past it along for everyone with megaupload data to sue the shit out of the usa. holder and obama. also if from the usa voice about high crimes and treason by these two. what they have been doing is illegal. they got to go

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Marcus Thunder

OK, megaupload and internet users give OK to deleting Feds files starting NOW!

This will be another Occupy day in the road of American Awakening, a day for pirates and hackers...

Power to the People , ... Feds action can be regarded as piracy for the innocent users and organizations in the favour of multi-million corporate organizations who already make enormous profit and actors and acresses who show off in the red carpet from the money of families and children...

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MegaUpload User Data Safe for 2 More Weeks

Yesterday we broke the news that MegaUpload’s user data was at risk.

Late Friday MegaUpload received a letter from the US Attorney stating that data of their customers could be deleted coming Thursday.

In an update a few hours ago, MegaUpload lawyer Ira Rothken told TorrentFreak that after talks with the various parties involved the data has been saved for at least two more weeks.

This gives MegaUpload and the authorities some extra time to find a solution.

The authorities have made some selective backups as evidence, but MegaUpload want to secure all data of their users.

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