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Police arrest Utah students accused of school bomb plot


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Bomb scare: Dallin Morgan (left) and Joshua Hoggan (right) were allegedly plotting to set off explosives at assembly in Roy High School, Utah - before escaping in a plane

(Reuters) - Police in Utah have arrested two high school students accused of making detailed plans to bomb a school assembly and then escape in a plane they planned to fly themselves, police said on Thursday.

The duo, 18-year-old Dallin Morgan and 16-year-old Joshua Hoggan, were arrested on Wednesday after being pulled out of classes at their high school in the city of Roy, about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City, Roy Police spokeswoman Anna Bond said.

"Initial investigative discovery has uncovered a plan to use explosives during a high school assembly," Bond said in a statement.

"Maps of the school and information about security systems had been prepared with plans for an escape using a plane from the Ogden Hinckley Airport," she added. "Self-taught usage of technical flight simulation programs were used in the planning and preparation."

The students were both booked on suspicion of conspiracy. Morgan was being held in the Weber County Jail while Hoggan was at a juvenile facility, police said.

No explosives were found at the school during the investigation, which was prompted by a tip from a student.

"It was really the work of a heroic student coming forward with a tiny piece of information that she took to the school, and the school contacted police," Bond said.

It was not clear when the attack on the school assembly was scheduled to occur. The school was in session on Thursday. The FBI will assist in a forensic analysis of the computers used by the students, police said.


High alert: Roy High School in Utah was swept for explosives after authorities were tipped off about two teenagers' bomb plot


Escape plans: The two teenagers had logged hundreds of hours on a flight simulator and were believed to be planning to steal a plane from Ogden Hinckley Airport, Utah



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oh please there was only ever one kid from utah that destroy a school at night. burnign it down andthat was in the earlier 80's. these two punks should been spanked and sent back to school. sadly you cant spank in liberal rhino utah

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