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Alleged Anonymous members are arrested over EDF hacking


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ALLEGED MEMBERS of the hacktivist group Anonymous have been arrested in France.

A report at the French language news web site Midi Libri says that three people have been arrested.

They are accused of hacking into or knocking over servers belonging to the French energy firm EDF shortly after the Fukushima nuclear tragedy in Japan, according to the report.

A report at another web site, Franceinfo.fr, says that three men have been arrested, that all are in their 30s and 40s, and that two of them have been detained and interviewed in Paris.

The arrests follow three months of investigations, according to the reports, and there is a suggestion that they had not met before the incident but had felt compelled to cooperate after linking up on a blog after the Japanese nuclear accident.

So far Anonymous has been rather silent about this news, and has only been tweeting links to the reports.

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It wasn't Anonymous. A nice attempt was made to frame them though. If it was them, they need to be more careful, AND not target power companies.


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