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Nokia Lumia 900 confirmed for the UK


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Nokia may still be insisting that its Lumia 900 Windows Phone is a US-only exclusive - but a leading UK retailer is now accepting pre-registration for the device, ahead of its arrival later this year.


The all-too-brief hands-on time that our team spent with Nokia’s Lumia 900 at CES left them impressed and hungry for more – but they, like so many others, were left heartbroken by Nokia’s insistence that their new flagship handset would be exclusive to AT&T, and to the US market.

But deep down, we all knew that that would never last; in fact, just last week, we reported that a new version of the 900 is apparently already in development, which will see the device spread to other American networks after AT&T’s time-limited exclusivity period runs out later this year. Now, WPCentral has pointed out a new ‘coming soon’ page from leading UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, indicating that the Lumia 900 is heading to the UK. Great news for Brits, and encouraging news for other markets too.


Currently, the page states that the 900 is scheduled to arrive in the UK in June 2012, albeit with the caveat that this date is subject to change. However, potential buyers can register for updates on the Carphone Warehouse website, and will be informed when the device is available to purchase.

Of course, the UK version won’t have the LTE connectivity capabilities that its US counterpart has; British operators don’t yet have 4G networks, with the first wireless spectrum licences scheduled to be sold to carriers in the middle of next year. All other specifications appear to be identical to the American version, however; there’s no indication yet that UK-bound handsets will have the upgraded 12MP camera that was rumoured last week.

At time of publication, the Lumia 900's prospective arrival in the UK hadn't yet made it onto the Nokia Lumia Momentum Map, which we reported on earlier this month.

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