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RapidShare team not worried about Megaupload shutdown


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The people behind the popular fire sharing and storage site RapidShare claim not to be worried about the future of the site, even though a similar site, Megaupload, was shut down this week by the FBI.

Earlier this week, the popular file sharing site Megaupload got shut down by US government officials who claim the site was a den of online piracy. The move has shaken up the Internet has a whole and many wonder if the US will be making similar raids on other file sharing web sites.

Ars Technica got a comment from Daniel Raimer, a spokesperson for RapidShare, yet another well known and popular file sharing and locker site. The spokesperson claims that the company isn't worried about something happening to their site in the wake of the Megaupload raid. Raimer said, "We're not concerned or scared about the raid. File hosting itself is a legitimate business."

RapidShare's CEO Alexandra Zwingli points out that their company has tried to be more open about their business than the executives of Megaupload. She states:

RapidShare AG was founded in Switzerland and in fact, it was always located at the address given in the company details and was always run under real names without any anonymous intermediate businesses. The radical measures against Megaupload were apparently required since the situation there had been totally different.

Zwingli says that RapidShare acts "rigidly against copyright infringement" and adds that they don't offer any kind of reward system for people who upload content that is downloaded frequently by other users like Megaupload did.

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