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Say good bye to VGA and DVI video ports in a few years


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A new study predicts that in the next five years, PC makers will do away with VGA and DVI video ports for desktops and laptops in favor of the more modern DisplayPort and HDMI ports.

The VGA (Video Graphics Array) and DVI (Digital-Visual Interface) video ports for PC desktops and laptops are a very familiar sight to PC users. VGA was first launched back in 1986 while DVI support was launched more recently in 1999. However, it looks like those two ports will be disappearing from newer PCs in the next few years to make way for more modern technologies. PCWorld.com reports that a new study from NPD In-Stat predicts that in the next five years, new PCs will no longer have VGA or DVI ports.

The study claims that Intel and AMD will phase out their own chipset support for VGA ports by 2015. AMD has also announced it will phase out chipset support for DVI ports by 2015. PC makers will likely not want to add extra support for VGA or DVI ports after that date since it will likely make the cost of making PCs more expensive.

We are already seeing two newer and thinner video ports, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and DisplayPort, appear in newer desktops and especially on laptops. HDMI ports are, of course, standard on all new flat screen televisions as well as new DVD and Blu-Ray players. Both ports are always being upgraded as well which will likely help VGA and DVI ports to be phased out.

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