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How to Defend Your Android Phone From Annoying Mobile Ads


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Sick of those flashing, beeping, and blinking ads that crowd your smartphone's screen? Here are a few ways to get rid of them.

Your Android phone used to be an ad-free paradise--a place where you could play games, check email, and make a few calls, all without being bothered by those pesky sales pitches that have taken over your PC. But not anymore: As Android's popularity has grown, so too has its attractiveness to advertisers.

Ads are arriving on your Android phone, inside games and apps, in your mobile browser, and even as push notifications. These ads distract you when you're playing a game, blink and flash when you're simply trying to browse the Web, and eat up the little bit of data available on your not-so-unlimited data plan.

What's an Android user to do? Hope is not lost: We can help. No, we can't promise an ad-free experience--nor would we want to. Remember, some websites and app developers rely on ads to stay in business. But we can suggest ways to cut down on bothersome ads, at least to a certain degree.

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