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40 arrested in massive child sex sting (Including pro-golfer, teachers, college students and more)


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The sting: Professional golfer Steve Thomas (pictured) has appeared in 44 PGA tours. Police found three condoms, chocolate pudding, and a bottle of honey in his SUV

  • PGA golfer Steve Thomas, 55, among those held
  • Operation Red Cheeks was carried out across the Orlando, Florida, area with officers posing as children in chat rooms.
  • Swim coach, eighth grade teacher, and eight college students also arrested
  • When retired beekeeper, 70, was arrested he had wine and Viagra with him

‘Operation Red Cheeks’ began January 8 and involved several different crime-fighting organisations across the Orlando, Florida area posing as children in chat rooms.

Pro golfer Steve Thomas, 55, was charged with traveling to seduce an underage girl and using a computer to entice a legal guardian or parent to commit sex acts on an underage girl, according to officials.

The PGA Tour Web site says the Meridian, Mississippi native has finished in the top 10 of a tournament only once, and his winnings stand at just over $25,000.

He has appeared in 44 PGA Tour events. During his sting, he believed he was chatting with a woman about having sex with her 13-year-old daughter.

Police found three condoms, chocolate pudding, and a bottle of honey in his SUV, the arrest affidavit states.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives also arrested 29-year-old Bryan Woodward, who was the head swim coach at Gator Swim Club in Gainsville.


The law won: 40 people - including teachers, a swim coach, and an IT consultant were arrested in the week-long sting in Osecola County, Florida

According to an affidavit, he told a detective posing as a young girl that: ‘younger girls turn me on’ and brought treats with him to meet the ‘child.’

The club’s owner, Kathleen Troy, told the Gainsville Sun that Woodward was no longer working at the club, which is not affiliated with the University of Florida.

‘If anything had come up, we would not have hired him,’ Ms Troy told the paper.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that nine students, ranging in age 18 to 30 were also arrested. The youngest is still in high school.

Police said the success in the sting was due to many local and state agencies working together.


Busted: Bryan Woodward, 29 (left) was the head swim coach at Gator Swim Club. Samuel Straitiff (right) worked as an IT consultant


Not so sweet: Dell Rio Highsmith, 70, (left) is a retired beekeeper and Ryan Stickle (right) works as a consultant

Sheriff Bob Hansell wrote in a statement: ‘These predators stalk the cyber community looking for children to victimise.

‘This operation resulted in 40 arrests which means at a minimum, 40 children did not fall prey to a sexual deviant.’

Alexander Roy, a 32-year-old eighth grade teacher at Manatee Academy in Port St. Lucie, was placed on administrative leave while the school district conducts the necessary investigation.

Police said that when retired beekeeper Dell Rio Highsmith, 70, was arrested he had with him a heart-shaped box of chocolates, wine, and Viagra pills.


Major sting: Winston Stephens (left) is a student at Full Sail University while Milton Richardson (right) works as an engineer


Building up: Ryu Nolin (left) works as a personal trainer and Alexander Roy, 32 (right) was an eighth grade teacher at a school in Port St. Lucie

The paper says that the 40 men were accused of everything from travelling to seduce a child to commit sex acts, lewd and lascivious battery of a child, and using a computer to solicit.

Sheriff Hansell said: ‘This operation should also be a warning to all parents to monitor and be involved with their child’s computer activities.’

All the men arrested now face felony charges.

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There is plenty of room for these guys in the prison sex ring. I hope they get a taste of their own medicine.

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i dont like these entrapments. you dont know what was actually posted in the chat rooms messages ect. i have a feeling a lot of them are not guilty.

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