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Google testing tweaks to image search results


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It appears that Google is tweaking its image results page and is adding small but useful new features. We have been sent images of the new feature which hints at a future update.


Google is constantly tweaking and refining its search results. Every now and then they update small components that could possibly be rolled out to the consumer if it proves to be a well received feature.

Thanks to a tipster, we have been sent the images you see in this post that show a new feature that Google is working on. The tweak, while minor, adds another layer of options to help you find the image that you are looking for.

When you search for an item, such as Apple, the new feature will provide you with other suggestions and allow you to view the top results without leaving the page. For example, if you search Apple, you may also be interested in Apple wallpapers, a Mac, or red/green Apples and Google gives you the option to preview those results without leaving the page.


While not a major update to the search process, it does provide for efficiency when searching. Small and simple tweaks like this provide a better search experience for the end user and that is certainly something we can get behind.

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