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Nokia confirms availability of Lumia 800 battery update


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Nokia's Lumia 800 has received much praise, but some users have complained of poor battery life. The availability of the second of two promised updates to address this issue has now been confirmed.

With few exceptions, Nokia’s Lumia 800 Windows Phone has received glowing reviews, both from tech media and those who have taken the plunge and bought one for themselves. But one complaint that some users reported was that of poor battery life on the device, a problem that Nokia acknowledged and has been working to resolve, with the availability of a new software update being announced by the company today.


A few weeks before Christmas, Nokia announced that it was pushing out the first of two updates that would address the problem. A couple of weeks later, Nokia released further information that shed some more light on the issue, claiming that the actual battery consumption of the device wasn’t at fault, but that “a software problem on certain variants is limiting the phone’s ability to access the full battery capacity”, assuring users that the second update should finally solve this problem.

Nokia today announced the availability of its new update via Twitter, informing customers that it would be rolled out over the next two weeks. An additional announcement on Facebook from Nokia UK confirmed that the update would indeed ensure “enhanced battery life” along with “greater Wi-Fi connectivity”.

As with other Windows Phone updates, this one will be delivered via the Zune desktop software (or Windows Phone Connector on Mac OS).

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