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Google Chrome v18.0.1010.1 Dev


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Google Chrome v18.0.1010.1 Dev


The Dev channel has been updated to 18.0.1010.1 for Windows and Chrome Frame; 18.0.1010.0 for Mac and Linux. This build contains the following updates:


The PDF plugin now adds ‘Rotate Clockwise’ and ‘Rotate Counterclockwise’ commands to context menus, so users can more easily view documents scanned horizontally.

Updated the first-run bubble text and added a link to change the current search engine. (Issue: 117521)

Fixed HTML5 showing download bar in fullscreen mode. (Issue: 99673)


Fixed issue where Cmd-W would close the whole window in fullscreen mode. (Issue: 109793)

Fixed best-fit-window-zoom. (Issue: 104170)

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