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Windows 8 up to build 8184, beta right around the corner


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The latest build number for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, 8184.0.winmain.120113-1850, has been revealed as we get closer to the launch of the beta version in late February.

Windows 8 was apparently a big hit at CES 2012, but it looks like Microsoft brought an older build version of the operating system, 8175.0.fbl_dev_dp4.111216-2019, to Las Vegas this week. Now Winunleaked.tk is reporting that the latest version of Windows 8 is in fact at 8184.0.winmain.120113-1850.

The numbering means that Microsoft is getting closer and closer to launching the much anticipated beta version of Windows 8 to the masses. As we reported earlier, a leaked road map for Windows 8 claims that from now until January 23, Windows 8 will be considered to be in pre-beta form at Microsoft. On January 23, Windows 8 will go into what is known as Beta Escrow.

After that, the leaked road map claims that Microsoft's own testers will then vote on which of the Windows 8 builds will in fact be the final beta build with the decision being made on January 28. The beta build will then be shown at an internal Microsoft preview on January 30.

The road map claims the target build number for the final beta will be 8200.winmain_win8b1. If Windows 8 is at build 8184, it's getting very close to the 8200 mark which means the beta should be arriving very soon.

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