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Windows 8 tablets to be priced as high as $999?


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A new rumor claims that Windows 8-based tablets could be priced from between $599 and $999 due to Microsoft and Intel not being willing to drop the prices on the operating system and processors.

Will Windows 8 based tablets be on the pricey side? That's the newest rumor from Digitimes which claims via unnamed sources that Microsoft and processor maker Intel are unwilling to cut the prices on their products down to the level that is currently set for tablet products.

The story claims that if Microsoft and Intel sticks to their guns on Windows 8 and processor prices, tablets that run on both could be priced between $599 and $999. That's well above the current price for most new tablets coming out on the market that use Google's Android operating system. However, those prices are close to what Apple sells the iPad for, especially if you consider the WiFi/3G versions.

The story points out that if Microsoft and Intel do lower the price of their products to make Windows 8 tablets more affordable, it could also hurt the pricing for full PC desktops and laptops.

The truth is that if Windows 8 tablets with Intel-based processors are going to sell, they are also going to have to be priced at a point that will encourage others to buy it. Apple can seemingly get away with pricing the iPad at a premium price but as we have seen, tablets that tried to match the price of the iPad have gone down in flames. Amazon has apparently had much better luck with its Kindle Fire tablet, and its $199 price point, in finding an audience.

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