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Razer to join Wednesday SOPA protest


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Razer has announced on its Facebook page that it will be joining other web sites in going dark on Wednesday, January 18 to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

On Saturday we gave you a list of just some of the web sites and PC games that plan to go dark on Wednesday, January 18 to protest the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act that is currently being debated in the US Congress. Now Razer has announced on its Facebook page that it will also take down the Razerzone.com web page on that day as well. The Facebook page also has a photo, taken during CES 2012, showing Razer's uncensored feelings toward SOPA (which is definately NSFW).

In its message explaining its stance against SOPA Razer said:

In a ham-fisted attempt to combat piracy, Congress has opted for the “Nuke from Orbit” approach, hurting both the community from whom they benefit and developers they seek to protect. We cannot allow this to happen.

The statement added:

Allow us to stress, Razer does not condone piracy in any way. We feel it damages the industry and we will stand against anything that hurts either the gaming community or the developers. However, we firmly believe that SOPA is the absolute wrong way to combat this problem and we are not alone in thinking this. Other gaming companies like Red 5, Riot Games and Mojang stand with us in opposition. However, this bill does not only affect software and game developers and we hope our actions will lead other gaming hardware vendors to join our protest against SOPA.

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