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Process Lasso v5.1.0.36-1


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Process Lasso v5.1.0.36-1


[.36-1]Addition.GUI: Added configuration password to a few minor options that were overlooked

[.36-1]Change.Core: Fixed an an SEP compatibility issue where SEP would trigger tamper detection events repeatedly

[.36-1]Change.Core: Temporary adjustment to prevent another interoperability issue with some other Symantec software

[.36-1]Change.GUI: Starting/stopping the core engine now requires the configuration password, if one is set

[.36-1]Change.GUI: Some language updates

Setup x86:


Setup x64:


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I was gonna make a homemade pizza now :)

Thanks for the update - if only for x86 i might not update frontpage.

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Hm, I just was in a hurry - a lot of distraction here. :P x64 is also updated. Btw, setup reports wrong version - :lol: The executable has this version also. Yet it`s in the about and in the changelog.

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