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Anonymous continues to harass Stratfor


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HACKTIVISTS associated with Anonymous have targeted Stratfor once again and apparently sent out an email goading its clients.

The hacktivists appear to have rifled the organisation's servers. "If you want to be technical we've had control over stratfor for months," wrote hacktivist mouthpiece Anonymousabu in a tweet last week about an email thought to have been sent to thousands of users. Eight hundred and sixty thousand, to be precise.

"Hello loyal Stratfor clients, We are still working to get our website secure and back up and running again as soon as possible. To show our appreciation for your continued support, we will be making available all of our premium content 'as a free service' from now on," said an email that purported to be from Stratfor CEO George Friedman, but probably wasn't, and was sent out on Friday.

"We would like to hear from our loyal client base as to our handling of the recent intrusion by those deranged, sexually deviant criminal hacker terrorist masterminds."

On the same day the firm distanced itself from unofficial messages with a couple of its own tweets. It said, "Please consult the STRATFOR Facebook page and Twitter feed for company-approved communications."

There, Friedman said that the email did not actually come from him, and urged Stratfor users to cool their boots until everything gets back to normal at the think tank. That might take a little while still, apparently.

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The CEO's video is interesting. At one point his facial expression says "Did I just say that you should pay for our services after we left your credit card numbers unencrypted and were hacked twice?... palmplant."

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