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Compressing files and folders.


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Hey. I have tryed 7zip and winrar and looking at how small i could get the same file, and i could see that i got it smaller with 7zip and if i used more ram.

Dont know how they are doing :dance2:

But this file i downloaded from the web, it was compressed 2 times. Each with a different compressing mode/format.

So my question is, what program can do it best, if i sayed i got a computer that run full time, as a server and dont use all the CPU on that. :D So i got all the time in the world to do this.

I can see that if a format is best at grafik then you use that one for that, and another for text compressing, think that is the reason for the dual compreesing on the file i downloaded.

Thanks for any answer, but just to stat it, i have been looking for some time, and have been around, winace,winzip (:s), winrar, 7zip and some minor ones.

But please tell if you got any eksperience with any of them.

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I personally use WinZip 11.2 Pro Build 8094 and WinRAR 3.71 (Corporate.) I find WinZip quite compatible and WinRAR very useful for my warez. Recent releases of both these utilities, though are compatible with each other.

For those looking for maximum compression, there is a lesser known utility that I really love to hate - check it out at its homepage by following the link below:-


(Caution: Use this software at your own risk - it is ultra slow and hogs your CPU.)

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UHARC is good at compressing multimedia, google "WINUHA" (that is one of the GUIs for uharc). Of course it is slower than the standard compressors like winrar, winzip, but none the less you get a compressed file that is far smaller. I compressed an 700 mb ISO and got an achieve that was 200 Mb than the zip file with the same ISO. But the ratio depends on what you are going to compress. You might have a look at the tests on this site:


If you want to compress a single file you should look at the single file compression section. If you are going to compress multiple file formats I would recommend looking at the multiple file compression section (do not waste the time by compressing all the different formats with different compression tools, unless you have nothing else to do in a loooooooong time :D)

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