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funny how the OP responds because someone else double posted but he gives no response to Alanon's questions. (because he doesnt know, because he never tried it but wants YOU to take a chance on it, and it gets his posting count up).

This is the sad state of nsane...no way is this "software as it should be" this kind of mindless posting is weak to say the least. No changelog, no pic, no info about medicine or who made it. This has been reported to lite but ignored. Others are getting blown up for little things like posting something in the wrong place while others fill up the forums with spam and untested "who-the-fuck-knows" software just to get posting counts up. Ive had it. I thought this place was special. And you guys wonder why we are losing members....quit wondering!

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I don't want to start another flamewar, but to me this place will always be special.

This is a unique site with safe and trusted downloads, respectable dedicated members and friendly long-term staff.

Keep up the good work and thank you all very much! :win:

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  • Administrator

We are always looking for ways to improve our methods. Any suggestions can be directed to me via PM.

For the record, we contact lots of members about infringements to guidelines and rules. Some infractions are more serious than others, thus a public post about it may to the course of action. We do investigate everything that is reported to us and try to find infringements as soon as they are posted. Alot of things go on behind the scenes (i.e. not available for everyone to see), so the situation may not be clear to all ;)

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