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help required on nokia 6680 mobile phone


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I dont know if its the right forum to ask this question but need some on nokia 6680 mobile phone. I had connected my nokia 6680 mobile phone's memory card to my windows xp computer. When i did so i had got a message stating to format the memory card before using it. I formatted it and was suprised to find all my songs, videos, photos and softwares missing from the card. Can anyone help me to get back all my multimedia files.

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sorry dude .

its gone .

Kaput !

you cannot recover the data from the formatted memory card .

but still,

try running Recuva in Deep scan mode , but i highly doubt it would recover any thing ...!

there are softwares to recover data from formatted hard drives , but from memory flash chips , , , dont think so .....

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in da past i used RECUVA & FILE SCAVENGER softwares.

recuva jus t recovered 40% of my deleted or formatted files.but file scavanger did best .it recovered 90% of my files.

so i recommend to install file scavenger software on ur windows xp.

wil pm u da link for that software.crack also included in it.reply whether u satisfied with that one or not

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you can recover some data try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover your multimedia stuffs.

It had recovered all my stuffs when i accidently formatted my memory card :)

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