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Emergency Mayhem About to Hit Shelves


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The arcade crisis game Emergency Mayhem is now packed in boxes and shipping to stores across Australia. Combining chaotic arcade driving with a huge range of mini-game challenges, players must race against the clock in one of three emergency vehicles – a fire-truck, ambulance or police patrol car to reach different incident scenes.

Typically, in Crisis City, incidents requiring attention are of a decidedly slapstick nature and Emergency Mayhem takes advantage of the Wii Remote in a huge variety of mini games that come into play once players reach an emergency scene. Pump the Wii Remote to practice CPR, point it to direct water from a powerful hose, mimic a wrench to bring bursting water-hydrants under control, or position a trampoline to save people leaping from burning buildings.

You'll have the whole of Crisis City to explore with over 30 types of emergencies to deal with. Four players can get involved in the chaos with multiplayer modes. You'll have the ability to battle it out in the minigames, or compete in tournament and survival modes.

Emergency Mayhem will be on shelves April 24th!


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