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Ultra-D converts your 2D to glasses-free 3D


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While the idea of 3DTV is cool in principle, the biggest complaint is having to wear special glasses to watch TV. StreamTV's UltraD technology aims to eliminate that headache.

The name of the game at CES this year is glasses-free 3D televisions. Companies have heard consumers complain about having to wear glasses, whether active or passive, in order to watch television and are creating technologies to address this concern. Another issue revolves around the lack of 3D content. Stream TV is hoping to fix both of these problems with their Ultra-D technology.

The Ultra-D technology can convert any video source, whether a movie, television show, or video game. The video stream is automatically converted via Stream TV's mixture of software, firmware, and hardware which is able to split the scene apart in order to pull some content towards the viewer and other parts of the scene towards the background. The system is able to convert, in real-time, any 2D or 3D stereoscopic (with glasses) content into a glasses-free experience. The process isn't static either: the user is able to modify the amount of 3D effect in real time in order to satisfy all viewers in the room.

The best part about the technology is that the 3D effects are visible from nearly anywhere in the room. Tilting you head and moving off to the side of the screen still provided a very good 3D experience and there are no head tracking cameras to worry about.

It sounds like Stream TV is partnering with different manufacturers to deliver products to consumers, so be on the lookout for a tagline of "3D enabled by Ultra-D" in the near future. The company hopes to bring the technology into your living room starting in the second quarter of 2012.

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